Additional Dependencies

This importer requires the following additional libraries.

You may install the needed gems individually by running gem install GEM_NAME or install all of them with a single invocation:gem install mysql2 safe_yaml sequel

To import your posts from Textpattern, run:

$ ruby -r rubygems -e 'require "jekyll-import";
      "dbname"   => "name",
      "user"     => "myuser",
      "password" => "mypassword",
      "host"     => "myhost"

The only required fields are dbname and user. password defaults to "" and host defaults to "localhost".

You will need to run the above from the parent directory of your _import folder. For example, if _import is located in /path/source/_import, you will need to run this code from /path/source. The hostname defaults to localhost, all other variables are required. You may need to adjust the code used to filter entries. Left alone, it will attempt to pull all entries that are live or sticky.