Additional Dependencies

This importer requires the following additional libraries.

You may install the needed gems individually by running gem install GEM_NAME or install all of them with a single invocation:gem install safe_yaml sequel unidecode

This importer only converts your posts and creates YAML front-matter. It does not import any layouts, styling, or external files (images, CSS, etc).


Sample snippet to invoke the importer:

jekyll import roller --dbname DB --user USER --password PW --socket SOCKET --host HOST --port PORT --clean_entities --comments --categories --tags --status STATUS,STATUS2

Option <PARAM>Description
--dbname DB

Database name.

--user USER

Database user name.

--password PW

Database user’s password.

--socket SOCKET

Database socket.

Default:  null
--host HOST

Database host name.

Default:  'localhost'
--port PORT

Database port number.

Default:  '3306'

Whether to clean entities.

Default:  true

Whether to import comments.

Default:  true

Whether to import categories.

Default:  true

Whether to import tags.

Default:  true

Array of allowed statuses (either [‘PUBLISHED’] or [‘DRAFT’]).

Default:  ['PUBLISHED']
Highlighted row(s) in table above indicate required options.