S9Y Database

Install additional gems

To use this importer, you need to install these additional gems: `gem install unidecode sequel mysql2 htmlentities reverse_markdown`

To import your posts from a self-hosted S9Y database, run:

$ ruby -rubygems -e 'require "jekyll-import";
"dbname" => "s9y_blog",
"user" => "root",
"password" => "",
"host" => "localhost",
"table_prefix" => "serendipity_",
"clean_entities" => false,
"comments" => true,
"categories" => true,
"tags" => true,
"extension" => "html",
"drafts " => true,
"markdown" => false,
"permalinks" => false
This only imports post & page data & content

This importer only converts your posts and creates YAML front-matter. It does not import any layouts, styling, or external files (images, CSS, etc.).